Saturday, September 20, 2014

@CaponeQB @noreaga f @SadatX Bringing The Gods Back (Trailer)

#CityOfTheGods #GAHHW #NOGE50 #IWasThere

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Free Download Alert @GorgeousFrazier's "Your Life"

When was the last time you heard an uplifting song that urged you to live "Your Life"? It's been awhile for me. The stereotype is that all R&B songs are all about sex, infidelity, and broken hearts.  And while that’s true for a lot of the songs that make it to national radio and the clubs, there are a number songs that can be inspiring and motivating. Gorgeous Frazier delivers an anthem relevant to all ages, young and old. Download your free copy today and message her facebook any and all feedback on her new single.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#RockAfterThem Video Shoot and Art Show

The Hooferz Club
131 Brunswick Street
Newark, NJ 07114

Saturday, May 24th
4pm - 8pm
Return of...The Village Path
Martha Matarrita, Uta Brauser, Rob Jelinski, Amy Michelle, Amy Garas, Roxana Zavala Marroquin, Tina Indigo Hill, Jenelle Medina, Victor Castillo

A performance & a music video shoot for "Rock After Them" by Venomous2000 & Rhymadeddon